photo by Harry Aaldering:
photo by Harry Aaldering:


Bearing Witness Activities
in the Spirit of the Zen Peacemakers

The place is our teacher – we listen

This is a website that reports on the Bearing Witness practice in the spirit of Zen Peacemakers. A practice that grew out of the work of Bernie Glassman Roshi (an American Zen Master). More about Bernie and the background, a variety of different Bearing Witness retreat – reports (like Auschwitz, Bosnia, Lampedusa) can be found on the following pages.

Much inspiration to you while exploring the site.

This website was created in the course of organizing an ecoretreat in the Rhenish brown coal area in 2022 in the spirit of Zen Peacemakers, organized by Frank De Waele Roshi (Belgian Zen Peacemaker) and Svenja Wildflower Hollweg (German Zen Peacemaker) together with partner Rupert Weis.  Since it has grown nicely and more activities will follow in the future, we will continue to make it available and update it with news. You can find the report and pictures of the Ecoretreat here


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