Eco-Reflection Day in Presence near Lützerath


January 14, 2024    
11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Background to our activities:
In August 2022 a small, international group held an Ecoretreat in Lützerath in the Spirit of the Zen Peacemakers. The village in the Rhenish Brown coal area was destinated to make way for the huge lignite mining operations. The residents had already been bought out, but climate activists were still occupying the village and the woods nearby.
Eventually on Sunday January 15, 2023 the village was evacuated by the police.

On April 30, 2023 we returned to Lützerath with a small group for a day of reflection. In September 2023 we hiked for a weekend in the Ahrtal valley, which had been destroyed by the floods – an eco-pilgrimage.

Roshi Frank De Waele, Svenja Wildflower, Dieter Müller & Patrick Avalokiteshvara now warmly invite you to join them on a further ‘comeback‘ day near Lützerath.

On this Day of Reflection we aim to create a safe space to gather, reconnect and strengthen our interbeing.

We want to bear witness to the ecological suffering at the open mining pit.

We will take the time to reflect on our individual and collective (eco)practice.

We’ll sit together in meditation and share in council.

We will go for a longer silent walk together.

We celebrate interfaith ceremonies and we’ll savour a potluck meal.

As it is the first anniversary of the eviction of the village, other organizations and activists will be on site.

We will plan&walk the day together in cooperation.
Please, feel welcome and join us!

Schedule for the Eco-Reflection Day

11 a.m. Meeting of the Zen Peacemakers at the Holzweiler cemetery
– With Council
– Ceremony for the extinct species (name reading) including those from Lützerath
All are welcome

1 p.m. Meeting of all (People from organizations like MaWa (Mahnwache), Lützi
lebt …) at Holzweiler cemetery.
– joint walk to the edge with an open space for all to speak, possibly a Devotion

4 p.m. Meeting at Holzweiler cemetery
– The vigil will provide a café
– closing ceremony Gate of Sweet nectar
All are Welcome

Meeting Point:

Bring with you

– lunch that we will share
– something to sit on
– appropriate clothing for cold, rain, mud

There will be some car-sharing travel from the Netherlands and from Belgium (Antwerp).

Suggested donation:
20 euro – The donations will be used entirely for our next Eco-Dharma activities such as the pilgrimage and the study group

Do you have any question?
Feel free to contact Svenja (0049)(0)159-04557226 or:

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